Functions of the Departments

  1. Department of Nursing Practice
    1. Identify the needs and problems peculiar to nursing practice as basis for initiating measures that will upgrade the standards of nursing;
    2. Promote quality care in nursing practice.
  2. Department of Nursing Education
    1. Identify the needs and problems prevailing in nursing education as a basis for initiating measures that would upgrade the standards of nursing education;
    2. Participate actively reviewing and innovating nursing curricula to make it relevant to existing situation;
    3. Participate actively in the formulation of standards, policies, rules and regulations related to Nursing Education;
    4. Coordinate closely with proper agencies concerned with effective operations of review centers both local and foreign.
  3. Department of Nursing Research
    1. Initiate, motivate and participate in research projects/studies related to nursing;
    2. Disseminate result of findings, conclusions, recommendations for the improvement of the profession;
    3. Receive, keep and preserve records of research projects conducted by nurses; and
    4. Give due recognition to nurses who have conducted research studies in nursing;
    5. Identify strategies for the utilization of research findings as appropriate.
  4. Department of Continuing Professional Education and Welfare
    1. Identify needs and problems affecting nurses and recommend appropriate measures to be adopted;
    2. Conduct accredit Continuing Education Programs;
    3. Accredit chapters and attend to chapter affairs needs and problems;
    4. Initiate activities relevant to cultural affairs;
    5. Screen nominees for awards and scholarships;
    6. Recommend deserving recipients of awards and scholarships to the Board of Governors.
  5. Department of Special Programs and Services
    1. Initiate fund raising projects for the Association;
    2. Sustain and encourage membership to the Association;
    3. Ensure prompt publication of journal;
    4. Participate actively in the projects/programs/activities of the Association;
    5. Recommend to the Board of Governors policies, programs and guidelines for nurses on overseas contract.
    6. Establish linkages with other Associations and agencies which deal with overseas contract workers;
    7. Initiate/coordinate/participate with NGO, GO, in activities/projects to help victims of disaster/calamities;
    8. Encourage/intensify active membership to Philippine Nurses Association.
  6. Department of Political Affairs
    1. Determine legislative agenda that has impact on the practice of nursing;
    2. Serve as the lobby group to address issues and other matters related to health and the nursing profession;
    3. Identify ethical issues and concerns affecting nurses and nursing;
    4. Advocate for clients rights.