The Philippine Nurses Association as part of its mandate seeks to protect and to uphold the general welfare of Filipino nurses, both locally and internationally, has just recently signed a MOA with POEA-DOLE on Nov.07, 2017. An integral part of this MOA is PNA’s role as an official DOLE partner in labor inspection, tripartite negotiations, policy making, and research endeavors to ascertain that labor laws are observed and developed to better serve the welfare of nurse employees, especially in the private sector.

Thus, given the massive openings abroad, specifically in Taiwan and Germany, and in other parts of the world--- PNA offersnurses going abroad the PEOS (pre employment orientation seminar) and the PDOS (pre deployment orientation seminar) to adequately equip them to be able to ascertain their safety and overall well being.

Furthermore, registering as an All Nurses Workers Organization to better servenurses and file complaints against those who subject nurses to work conditions and other situations that in any way may compromise their dignity both as human beings and as professionals.