Championing the global competence, welfare, and positive and professional image of the Filipino nurse.


PNA Roadmap 2030

PNA Roadmap 2030

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PNA Constitution & by Laws


Functions of the Committee

  1. Continuing Education Committee
    1. Develop/implement relevant continuing education program for nurses
    2. Recommend to the BOG policies, programs and guidelines on continuing education/accreditation of CEP
    3. Accredit Continuing Education Programs (CEP)
  2. Accreditation Committee
  3. Chapter Affairs Committee
    1. Recommend to the BOG policies, programs and guidelines of Chapter Affairs
    2. Process/review/evaluate applications and documents for Chapter Accreditation
    3. Recommend to the BOG the Chapters to be accredited
  4. Cultural Affairs Committee
    1. Develop programs/projects to enhance the national heritage
    2. Coordinate with other agencies/institutions that offer relevant cultural activities and programs that would improve the nurses appreciation of the arts/humanities
    3. Encourage/facilitate formation of cultural groups among nurses
  5. Awards and Scholarship
    1. Recommend to the BOG policies, programs and guidelines on awards and scholarship
    2. Search and process nominees and applicants for awards and scholarship
    3. Endorse to the BOG the results of the search and processing of nominees for the awards and scholarship
    4. Recommends to BOG the candidates for outstanding Chapter Awards
  6. Ways and Means Committee
    1. Recommend to the BOG policies, programs and guidelines on matters of logistical nature
    2. Undertake income generating projects and the like
    3. Coordinate with other PNA committees and chapters regarding fund raising projects/activities
  7. Publication and Public Relations Committee
    1. Recommend to the BOG policies, programs and guidelines on publication and public relations
    2. Plan and coordinate the Publication and Public Relation activities of the Association to project positive image of the Profession/Association
  8. International Program Committee
    1. Recommend to the BOG policies, programs and guidelines for nurses on overseas employment/assignments
    2. Establish linkages with other Associations and agencies which deal with overseas contract workers
    3. Implement linkages with ICN and other International organizations
    4. Participate in pre departure orientation program for overseas in collaboration with POEA
    5. Implement projects from International agencies/organizations
  9. Disaster and Membership Committee
    1. Encourage all chapters to intensify membership
    2. Get the percentage of members with the registered nurses in a certain chapter
    3. Inform members their benefits
    4. Give updated number of membership to the different chapter presidents
    5. Attend to any disaster in a particular chapter
    6. Plan programs/activities to prevent calamities
    7. Solicit funds/coordinate with Ways and Means Committee re: relief during calamities