Tasks and Responsibilities

Article VI

Section 1. Nature and Composition - The House of Delegates is a deliberative body. It shall be composed of delegates representing the various chapters of the Association. Such delegates are elected by the members of the chapters where they belong. Every chapter is entitled to one (1) delegate and an additional delegate for every 100 members but not to exceed ten (10). Provided, that one (1) delegate shall represent all affiliate members. Provided further that all past chairpersons of the House of Delegates are automatically delegates.

Section 2. Functions - The House of Delegates shall have the following functions:

  • It shall represent its respective members during deliberation of issues, proposed amendments and resolutions, presented by the Board of Governors, House officers, chapters and other members. The resolutions, except amendments to the By-Laws shall bind the Association when concurred with by the Board of Governors, provided that issues emanating from the Board when passed by the House of Delegates shall automatically be concurred with; provided further, that resolutions not concurred with by the Board shall be returned to the House of Delegates with justification for the non-concurrence for further discussion, and if approved by 2/3 vote of all its members present representing 3/4 vote of the total number of chapters shall override the unfavorable decision of the Board; provided finally, that failure of the Board of Governors to act on resolutions within ninety (90) days, shall mean that these are automatically concurred with.

Section 3. Officers - The House shall have a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer who shall be elected from among themselves.

Section 4. Term of Office - The term of Office is one (1) year. An Officer may be re-elected for not more than three (3) terms.

Section 5. Qualifications of Officers - All officers of the House of Delegates shall:

  1. Have been a delegate for at least two (2) times, one (1) year of which has been that immediately prior to elections; and
  2. Possess leadership qualities to conduct meetings utilizing standard procedures.

Section 6. Duties of Officers - The officers shall be responsible for the successful conduct of the convention. They shall submit to the Board of Governors a written report of the outcome within thirty (30) days after the convention.

Section 7. Duties of Members - Members of the House of Delegates shall have the following duties:

  • Before the Convention;
    1. Coordinate with chapter Board of Directors in identifying problem/issues of the chapter that may be brought to the House;
    2. Collect, study and discuss these with constituents;
    3. Draft resolutions to be sent to House of Delegates chairman for possible inclusion in the agenda of the annual convention;
    4. Act as proponents if said resolution is included in the agenda;
    5. Familiarize themselves with house rules and procedures.
  • During the Convention
    1. Attend all sessions of the House;
    2. Participate actively in the deliberation of issues; and
    3. Make a definite stand on issues by voting for or against them.
  • After the Convention
    1. Report in writing results of the convention to respective chapters within thirty (30) days; and
    2. Send to the chairman within thirty (30) days a written report on reactions of the chapters to the convention repots.

Section 8. Elections - The elections of the House officers shall be conducted by the national Comelec.

Section 9. Convention - The House shall hold an annual convention during the National Convention of the Association.

Section 10. Quorum - Majority of the registered delegates shall constitute a quorum.

Section 11. Honorarium - The House of Delegates (HOD) shall receive honorarium as approved by the Board of Governors.

Amended PNA Constitution and By-Laws
SEC approved July 15, 2009