AGT Awardees

ANASTACIA GIRON TUPAS Award is the highest award given by the Philippine Nurses Association to perpetuate her legacy as the founder of the Filipino Nurses Association (FNA). Her invaluable contribution likewise is exemplified in the field of nursing in particular and in health services and community in general.

The Anastacia Giron Tupas Award was conceived not only to honor the founder of the Philippine Nurses Association and Dean of Philippine Nursing, but to remind us of the uniqueness and mobility of our profession as exemplified by the recipients of the award.

The Filipino nurse should be courageous and unwavering in the face of danger and dissent.

  • Calm in the midst of chaos and stress
  • Gentle and warm where there is suffering and pain;
  • Efficient and Effective
  • Innovative

Ever searching for ways to elevate and safeguard the Profession and be of better service to the people.

These qualities, Mrs. Tupas faithfully projected in her work in the early formative and hard days of nursing in the Philippines.

The late Mrs. Tupas, was a great and brave pioneer in nursing and had set a high standard for nurses of this and future generations to follow.

  • "S" - stands for SERVICE, nursing being a service profession
  • "U" - represents the UNIVERSALITY, of nursing and the UNDERSTANDING and UNITY among nurses which the PHILIPPINE NURSES ASSOCIATION has always sought to achieve.

Criteria to the Anastacia Giron Tupas Award 2008

  • Proven Leadership - 35%
  • Personal Traits - 25%
  • Exemplary performance/professional competence and elevate standard of nursing profession - 30%
  • Exemplary contributions in the field of nursing - 10%

AGT Awardees

  • 2018 - Dr. George C. Cordero
  • 2017 - Dr. Mila Delia M. Llanes
  • 2015 - Col. Estelita T. Galutira
  • 2014 - Sr. Remy Angela T. Junio, SPC
  • 2013 - Dean Elizabeth R. Roxas
  • 2012 - Dr. Leah Primitiva G. Samaco-Paquiz
  • 2010 - Ms. Ruth R. Padilla
  • 2008 - Dean Carmelita C. Divinagracia
  • 2007 - Dr. Milabel E. Ho
  • 2004 - Dr. Cleopatra M. Aquino
  • 2003 - Ms. Elsie B. de Veyra
  • 2002 - Prof. Lily Ann R. Baldago
  • 2001 - Dr. Gloria B. Arcos
  • 2000 - Dr. Teresita I. Barcelo
  • 1998 - Dr. Marcelo T. Lopez
  • 1997 - Dean Natividad C. Caipang
  • 1996 - Dean Remedios L. Fernandez
  • 1995 - Ms. Luz E. Sabas
  • 1993 - Ms. Anesia B. Dionisio
  • 1992 - Ms. Raquel O. Castillo
  • 1991 - Gen. Edmunda B. Rillon, Ms. Zenaida Sto. Tomas, Dr. Ma. Teresita Sy-Sinda, Ms. Florida R. Martinez,
  • 1990 - Dr. Delia Z. Mediano, Ms. Evangeline M. Dumlao, Ms. Victoria M. Aguilar,
  • 1989 - Ms. Deogracia M. Valderrama, Dean Lydia G. Tapia, Ms. Juanita P. Hernando,
  • 1988 - Dean Felicidad D. Elegado, Ms. Angeles F. Ocana, Ms. Luna B. Cepeda,
  • 1987 - Ms. Herminia N. Reyes, Ms. Lydia M. Venzon, Ms. Virginia S. Orais,
  • 1986 - Ms. Lydia A. Palaypay, Ms. Violeta O. Silvano, Ms. Juanita C. Bernabe,
  • 1985 - Mrs. Minda Luz M. Quesada,Ms. Perfecta Nicolas,Ms. Teresita Mercado
  • 1984 - Ms. Remedios L. Beredo, Ms. Lydia A. Cabigao, Dr. Fe M. Valdez,
  • 1983 - Ms. Henedina P. Suanes
  • 1981 - Prof. Maria Concepcion M. Roble
  • 1980 - Sr. Madeline Denoga, SPC, Mr. Melchor J. Castillo
  • 1978 - Dr. Rosario S. Diamante, Ms. Rosario S. Diaz
  • 1977 - Ms. Vitaliana G. Beltran, Sister Agnetia C. Naval, Ms. Mercedes P. Sy-Egco, Ms. Isabel C. Pascua,
  • 1976 - Ms. Loreta D. Tupas, Ms. Matilde C. Azurin, Ms. Conception M. Fabella, Ms. Conchita B. Ruiz, Ms. Jean L. Bactat, Atty. Manana C. Verzosa, Lt. Col. Saula Magdaraog
  • 1975 - Ms. Ester A. Santos,Dr. Perla B. Sanchez,Dr. Gloria D. Lacson,Ms. Fe Isaac-Sano,Mother La Croix de Jesus,Ilagan SPC,Sor Ricarda Mendoza DC